Our Facility:

Located in Brooklyn New York, is a light, spacious environment where students will have a variety of resources to enhance their learning. Generously-sized classrooms provide ideal environments for collaborative learning, while a large 5000 sq ft state of the art gym, will give children opportunities for exercise and play.  Our day care center offers year-round child care and early education for kids ages 2-10.

Our Educational Program:

We use a unique educationally advanced curriculum created by renowned educators and with the input of parents and students alike. Thus creating a unique, interactive and evolving curriculum that’s flexible and personalized and at the heart of every lesson. Our teachers develop individual learning plans and goals for each student, evaluate them at regular intervals, and adjust them as the student progresses. This approach ensures that each child attains or surpasses his or her expected potential. Teachers work together to make links between math and English, science and art, creating connections across the curriculum. Within the classroom, different strategies (music, art, or movement, for example) are used to help students understand the lesson in a way that works best for them.


All teachers at BADC are certified, highly qualified and trained. They are passionate and knowledgeable about their subject areas and inspire students to succeed. They are trained in using differentiated learning approaches and ongoing assessments to ensure that each child benefits from an individualized approach to their learning. Ongoing professional development opportunities ensure that they are up to date and at the cutting edge of learning strategies.

Our Students:

We prepare them for the next stage of the education and challenges of the future. What sets our students apart from students at other Day Cares is their genuine enthusiasm for learning. We understand that learning, understanding how we learn, problem solving, and the ability to harness skills and knowledge are the keys to success. Our learning focused philosophy equips students with the tools they will need to be confident, active participants in the society.

Our Students:

  • Learn how to learn, and have fun along the way
  • Are partners in their education with teachers and parents
  • Perform above age expectation, meeting or exceeding their potential
  • Flourish in a close-knit community
  • Learn how to participate actively in their “present” and acquire skills for the future.

We Offer:

  • 7am to 7pm
  • Extended hours available!
  • Experienced teachers develop individual learning plans and goals
  • Creative techniques, methods and exercises to encourage natural development in children
  • Spacious rooms properly equipped to enhance learning
  • Beautiful private 5000 sq ft playground
  • Free pick up with voucher!!
  • Confidence and skill building through games and music
  • Grounds under constant surveillance to ensure your child's safety
  • Organic fresh healthy meals prepared daily
  • Summer Camp starting end of June.
  • early education
  • Pre-K
  • Day Care for 2-6


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